Privacy Policy

Information we collect:
The information that we collect from our signup page is stored and collected only for mailing and billing purposes. This information is protected from the public and secured. Information that is collected is only shared with our credit card provider when you use a credit card. Your information is never shared with anyone else.

Credit Card Processor:
Here is our Credit card website

New Accounts:
Upon receiving payment accounts are created immediately. Passwords are checked for upper and lower case letters, numbers, dictionary words and the number of characters. Only the passwords that pass these checks are usable.

Cancellation Policy:
Anyone can cancel at anytime just send us an contact us . User accounts will have no longer then 5 days to retrieve their files. After that time the user files will be deleted.

Refund Policy:
If you are not satisfied within the 1st month of service. Please login to the client area and request a cancellation request. Please make a note that you wish to get a refund for you 1st month of service.

Delivery Policy:
After signing up for our service you will receive a e-mail with instructions.

Client Authentication:
Client authentication is done via SSL so user names and passwords are not sent plain text.

Data Transfer:
Data transferred to the server is done via SSL. This is done to protect user information from being seen while it is in transit.


Data Storage:
Users data is stored in their home directory. Other users are locked in to their own home directory so they are not able to view other users data. The file system used to store the users data is set to not allow any execution of files.


Data Retrieval:
Backup accounts will have access to their files 24 / 7 via a secure web based file retrieval system.

Off-site Data Backup

Looking for peace of mind concerning your valuable information?

Our Offsite Data Backups provide peace of mind for all your information storage needs!

Our Data backups are performed daily, ensuring that your information is safe and secure!

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Included in Each Package!