Terms of Service

LNX Hosting is a provider of internet based services such as website hosting, data backup, and website design. We provide these services to our customers for a fee.

LNX Hosting does not require a long term contract to be signed for use of its services. Instead our contract periods are considered to be on a monthly basis. As such a customer is required only to pay for 1 month of servie at a time, and can cancel their services with LNX Hosting at anytime without penalty.

However, after agreeing to use LNX Hosting services the client is required to abide by our Terms of Servie Policy and our Terms of Use Policy. Subscribing to, or making a payment for, any one of LNX Hostings services is considered to be agreeing to use of LNX Hosting services.

In addition, although there is no penalty for cancelling services with LNX Hosting, should a customer cancel their services midway through a month they will not recieve a portion of that months payment back.

A customer using one or more of LNX Hosting's services is expected to abide by our Terms of Use Policy payments depending on a pre-arranged payment schedual.

If a customer fails to make a payment. LNX Hosting will take no action for 14 days. After 14 days days LNX Hosting reserves the right to freeze the clients account. If no payment is received for a further 30 days then LNX Hosting has the right to delete the customers account, or take any other action it deems necessary, without any liability for possible damages caused by loss of information, or any other cause.

LNX Hosting reserves the right to immediatelly freeze, remove, or cancal services if a customer breaks any of the rules in our Terms of Use Policy. If a service is terminated in this manner LNX Hosting reserves the right to refuse any refund.

LNX Hosting is not responsible, in any way, for the content or practices of our customers.

LNX Hosting is not responsible for any damages to our customers, their buinsnesses or any other party for missuse of its services.

LNX Hosting makes no warranties, expressed or implied with its services.

If you have any other inquires please fell free to contact us.

Off-site Data Backup

Looking for peace of mind concerning your valuable information?

Our Offsite Data Backups provide peace of mind for all your information storage needs!

Our Data backups are performed daily, ensuring that your information is safe and secure!

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