Terms of Use

The internet is a wonder of modern technology. It allows people all over the world to share ideas, thoughts, images, videos, music and almost anything else. The reason it is effective is the fact that it is largely open and inclusive, this strength is also its weakness. The internet is largely unregulated, and therefore difficult to police or monitor, the same openness that allows the sharing of ideas and dreams can be used to spread hate and crime. Despite these risks, the people at LNX Hosting believe that the internet is still a wonderful tool for individuals, families, buisnesses and communities. It is this belief that drives us to provide modern, professional internet services for a price that anyone can afford.


The size and nature of the internet ensures that enormous amounts of information are available to any person who can connect to it. However, the information on the internet is not guaranteed to be truthful. LNX Hosting cannot and will not monitor the internet or the information that its customers may encounter. It is not responsible in any way for any damages that may result from inaccurate, offensive or illegal content on the internet.


LNX Hosting is also not responsible for information or content that our customers produce or display. Customers who place content onto the internet are liable as other authors for copyright infringement, defemation, hateful conent or any other harmful speech.


In addition customers using LNX Hosting services in any manner that is illegal, threatening or harmful will have their accounts immediately frozen or deleted. Actions that may result in an account freeze include, but are not limited to:
Illegal Activity - use of LNX Hosting services for ANY illegal activity will result in termination of all services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Copyright Infringment
  • Advertising or making available any kind of money scheme or fraud.
  • Distribution of any kind of internet virus.
  • * In addition it is the legal responsibility of LNX Hosting to report any presence of child pornography to a law enforcement agency.

Defametory/Abusive/Hateful Language - use of LNX Hosting servinces to promote, spread, or display hateful, abusive or defametory language, pictures, or ideas is prohibited. Such uses will result in the clients services being disabled.

Spamming - Sending mass, unsolicitated e-mails (aka 'spamming') is not permitted while using LNX Hosting services. Spamming can not only have a negative effect on the LNX Hosting reputation but can also cause resource strain on our systems. LNX Hosting retains the right to determine what constitues spamming while it's services are being used.

Network Abuse - defined as any action that could cause harm to LNX Hosting servers, the company or our clients.

LNX Hosting does not intentionally monitor or screen our clients use of the internet. However, should it become aware of any violation of this agreement it reserves the right to remove, block or suspend any content, images or services, or take any other action it deems necessary. In addition LNX Hosting does not accept responsibility for any of the content or actions of our clients. If LNX Hosting is sued, demfamed or damaged in anyway by a third party, because of a clients missuse of our services. That client is responsible for all costs involved, including but not limited to legal fees, damages or court ordered payments.


If you have any other inquires please fell free to contact us.

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